Monday, May 18, 2009

The Great Gatsby

We will be starting The Great Gatsby tomorrow in class.  That means you will begin to have almost nightly readings from now until early June.  Some of you may be catching on to the fact that these readings and your big synthesis/research paper will overlap.  "Oops," you're saying.  "I guess I won't read the book."


You will be doing textual analysis on the book as well as having graded discussions.  A section of your final will be a test over Gatsby.  Work on your papers.

For those who like to plan, here is the likely schedule:

  • 5/20 Study Hall Writing Day

  • 5/22 Vocab 11 Test

  • 5/26 Synthesis Paper Due

  • 5/29 Vocabulary Final

  • 6/4 Gatsby Final Pt 1 -- Discussion based

  • 6/9 DGP Test

  • 6/10 This I Believe presentations

  • 6/12 The End of School Party / Class Photo

  • 6/15 THE FINAL (Bwuhahahahaha!!!!)

The Great Gatsby Reading Schedule

The Great Gatsby Reading Schedule

Full text of The Great Gatsby online

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