Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey, haven't I seen you before?

Do the "yes/no, but" form for On Cloning a Human Being in our books on page 678.

Thundercat, in answer to your witty comment, yes go ahead and blog it. You can do so in list form if that is easier than pasting a table from Word.  If you do that, please use the Word paste button in the second row of your formatting buttons (your blog will thank you).  If you don't see a second row, hit the button on the far right on the first row to open it up.

Please also bring your "yes / no, but" charts to class as well.  We will use them in an activity.


  1. OH mr. giddings you think you are soooooooo funny with your little witty blog entries don't you????

    Good because you are hahaha
    anyways , I gots a question.
    Do we blog the chart or do we do it on paper?

  2. Mr. Giddings i am so SORRRRYY!!!!
    i forgot to return the answers to the multiple question practice test! i am so sorry! i feel so bad. I promise to bring them in tomorrow morning. SOrry >.<

  3. That's okay. You can give it back tomorrow. See you then. :)