Friday, May 15, 2009

Party! Whoop! Whoop!

Before we begin, PLEASE read the post directly below.  DO NOT put your paper off.  It's worth a lot.

Okay, now it's party time.  We have completed the AP test and that is no small thing.  Congratuations!

As best I can remember, here is what we put on the board:

  • Bagels and cream cheese - Caleb

  • Egg Rolls - Maverick

  • Pancakes - Hayley O

  • Pop - Jordan

  • Milk - Janae

  • Cheezits - Jeff

  • Chips - Spencer

  • Doughnuts - Kyle McCrossin

I know I'm forgetting something.  I will bring plates and cups and cutlery.

If you wish to bring a gaming system, come a bit early so we can set it up.  I have a locking cabinet in my room we can store it in during the day if you wish.  If that doesn't pan out, we'll finish the movie.  Read below for an extra credit opportunity!!!!  :)

Next Week:

  • We'll pick back up on DGP - the Mark Twain sentence

  • We'll pick up vocabulary with vocab 11 (gosh, we dropped a fair bit during the run-up to the AP test!)

  • We'll start reading The Great Gatsby (dang, things just keep getting better and better!)

  • Extra Credit Opportunity: Someone from the Washington Association of School Curriculum Directors asked our class to participate in making a video podcast that will be shown at their annual conference next fall.  They need 6-7 students who would be willing to respond on camera to the question, "What do you believe makes you successful?"  (I think they mean in school).  If you are interested, I will offer some extra credit. You will need to have your parents sign a permission slip (I have 9 of them).  The first 7 to both ask me for a permission slip and bring it back signed by Tuesday get extra credit.  They will be filming in Mrs. Brown's classroom at 11:00 on Tuesday and filming should be done with everyone by 11:30 or so.  Did I mention you will get extra credit for doing this?

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  1. OMG Giddings thank you! Tis very helpful haha.