Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Imagining a theme

[caption id="attachment_921" align="alignleft" width="153" caption="I have got to get me one of these stamps, don't you think?"]CB029645[/caption]

Remember to work on your visual project over the short break between semesters. It's due on Wednesday, the day after we return. If you have questions, please post them in the comments so others can see the Q & A.

Here's the assignment in case you lost yours. Once More to the Lake visual assignment

Also, 1st period. I hope this is all right with you, but in 2nd period we rolled for the way the analysis prompt would be graded. Even though we haven't written one of those for a bit, lady luck smiled on you. It will be a practice timed write, and it will be worth 100% in the grade book rather than just listed as credit. If you thought that one was better, don't be sad. It counts as a 9 and will help you more than having both graded. :)

See you Tuesday, January 26th. Sniff. I'll miss you...

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