Thursday, January 14, 2010

Once more to the Lake


UPDATED: Monday January 18, 2010, 7:18 AM

Now that you've read Once More to the Lake, blog your responses to the following questions (these questions can be found at the end of the pdf file linked above).

  1. Characterize White’s attitude in the opening paragraphs.

  2. Note White’s use of such original and creative expressions as “had never had any fresh water up his nose.” Find and cite a few (2-3) others.

  3. Note White’s selection of details in paragraphs 1-6. Indicate a specific example and explain its effect.

  4. Indicate three or four examples of figurative language and discuss their purpose.

  5. Identify at least one appeal to each of the five senses and explain the effect on each.

  6. Discuss the rhetorical purpose served by paragraph 10.

  7. Discuss the effect of the specificity of the details in paragraph 11.

  8. The concluding sentence of the penultimate paragraph begins with “And.” What is the effect of beginning that way?

  9. Discuss the nature of the final image of the essay. What rhetorical purpose does it serve?

  10. Read the essay a second time and count the “and”s in it. Discuss the effect of their use.

We'll discuss this essay on Tuesday and you'll get your project information then. Regrettably, we are moving the vocab final to after finals (works fine since our grades are continuing. Sorry about that, but I suppose it give you more time to study after you take your Chem, AP US History, and Pre-Calc finals, eh? ;)

Also, we'll revisit DGP for 2nd period very soon. We need to get you guys over the threshold as it is annoying to try and plan when one of you has DPG and the other class doesn't. :)


  1. Mr. Giddings thank you!! You are awesome!! That helps so much!

  2. you are the best. thank you (: