Friday, January 8, 2010

Never argue with a mad elephant

elephant madPlease begin your paper over the weekend and come prepared to work on it on Monday in class.  1st period will be in the lab outside our classroom.  During second period, there are no computer labs open at all. We are locked out. So, if you wish to bring a laptop, you may. Otherwise, bring whatever you need to work on your paper the old fashioned way.

Those of you who would like to discuss the questions or the essay, you can use the comments on this blog post to do so. That way, everyone could see them.

Next week's schedule looks like this:

Monday: Work on your papers

Tuesday: Timed Write! (On the issue in question two)

Wednesday: Rough Drafts Due -- Peer review

Thursday: TBD -- Go over timed writes?

Friday: Papers are due!


Monday: Stay home - still part of the weekend

Tuesday: Vocab Final

Wednesday: Double Timed Write / Multiple Choice / Bring Your TLC Books Extravaganza

Thursday: No class :(

Friday: No Class :(  (End of Semester)

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