Friday, September 24, 2010

Know thyself...

Socrates - Medieval Style
...and nothing in excess.

Monday, you may have noticed there is a rough draft of our Metacognition papers due (especially if you make use of the calendar). Come with a rough draft in Google Docs. You do not have to share it with me yet. We will be in a computer lab (3rd per - Study Hall; 5th per English Lab) where we will be commenting on other people's papers and working on our own.

As for how complete your rough draft should be, the more you have done, the more valuable Monday will be to you.

Sharing note: If you share an untitled document or improperly named document, that is tantamount to mailing it to the wrong address. I'm not going to open it as I'll have to work to find out  the period and person. If you can't recall how to name your documents for sharing purposes, here are the requirements with an example.

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