Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Timed writes and your first paper

Sunshine ahead!
Whoo hoo! The dreaded first timed write of the year is in the rear view mirror. 

We will go over them tomorrow along with the rubric and sample student essays. Then we will begin our first take home paper, likely on Thursday. You'll get a physical assignment sheet, but you can preview it here if you wish.

Tonight: read over your timed write and look for what you did well and consider what you might improve.

As we gear up for our first paper, I thought I'd share an article I posted last year. This is the most interesting thing I’ve ever read about procrastination. I am most definitely an incubator and I’ve worked hard to increase the time I start before something is due. Anyway, you might find this interesting.

Taking the SAT this year? This looks to be a pretty decent SAT prep program. 

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