Friday, January 28, 2011

How was that again?

I went to put your homework up on the blog, when I remembered that you have all that grammar to immerse yourselves in this weekend. So, remember to do the appositive exercises in Chapter 4 of the TLC book - bring them Monday and we'll go over it.

That's good though. It will give me a little time to ruminate on what I'd like to do next. We haven't talked so much about implication yet and this set of essays has revealed that it isn't necessarily a strength for us. Ergo, I think I may change gears ever so slightly and reinsert something I decided to skip earlier.

So, though we've been thinking more about argument lately, I think we may revisit analysis some. In the past, we've made the mistake of leaving analysis behind a bit too much and analysis tends to be touchy and whine about that. In fact it can get downright mean when it feels ignored. So, I have some stuff to think about over the weekend. ;)

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