Thursday, January 13, 2011

Line of Reasoning

Of the semester that is!
Today in class we read The New Immorality by Joseph Wood Krutch in our packets (if you were absent). In groups you were discussing the line of reasoning used by Krutch and explaining how made his argument effective. Be ready for your groups to present their findings tomorrow in class (we'll begin with each class compiling their findings on the board).

Tonight, read the next essay in the packet entitled On Compassion by Barbara Lazear Ascher. What is her line of reasoning? How does she choose to construct her argument? How do her techniques differ from Krutch's. Would either argument have been as effective if they switched techniques? Why or why not? 

Please blog your responses.

As the cartoon so ably illustrates, the end of the semester is imminent. You should be working on your This I Believe papers and studying the following:
  • The SAT Vocabulary
  • Toulmin
  • Aristotle (at least his triangle)

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