Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TW Score Defense

Please score your timed write and provide a defense for that score on your blog. The released information is shared with you via Google Docs should you wish to reference it again (log into your Google Docs and you will see 3 documents there). Remember that this is practice in evaluating your own writing. Be honest. The grade doesn't count this time, so you have nothing to lose. Shoot for a clear understanding of where you stand at this point in time.

Many of you in class today thought that one or more of the essays were overrated. Be careful of that. It does not mean you have higher standards than AP; it more likely means you don't have a clear understanding yet of what they are looking for. For instance, compare what the 7 does with the "Let us" clause to what the 9 does with it. The two are worlds apart. Also, any summary does not equal a 2, rather all summary without accompanying analysis equals a 2.

Don't forget the previous homework in the post below.

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