Friday, January 20, 2012

Notes on the final

Putting the finishing touches on a snow triceratops
Well, losing a week right before finals isn't quite optimal, however nice it was to have an impromptu vacation. Though being in charge of a bored 4 year old was hardly conducive to getting a lot done, I did write the final and you're likely curious what is on it. I don't think it contains any evil surprises, but if you are inclined to study, here is some guidance.
  • Toulmin structure
  • Aristotle's manner of analyzing text
  • Rogerian arguments (i.e. Whiskey Speech)
  • Read a short text and identify such things as underlying assumptions, appeals, arrangement, tone, etc.
  • Identify a text that best exemplifies a particular rhetorical device.
  • Create an argument of your own in response to a provided assertion.

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