Monday, January 30, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou, DGP?

Still nowhere to be seen. Sorry for those of you who love the predictability of the routine grammar problem, but here is the next step. At the end of each thematic chapter of our beloved TLC book is a grammar section.
The fun part of these sections is that they provide some instruction (Yipee!), they give some basic practice (yay.), and then they provide some practice examining how using these grammatical forms creates effect in text (Whoo hoo!!)
We will talk about this on Tuesday, but if you wish to get a jump on things and took your book home (never let it leave your side!), begin the exercises for the appositive in the Grammar and Rhetorical Style section beginning on page 167. (See the topics for all the grammar sections in the table of contents if you so desire). They will be due early next week. Probably Monday.

I'll tweet when final grades are posted to Grade Checker later today.

(Wherefore actually means "why" not "where". Most people use it incorrectly via a misunderstanding of Juliet's line in Romeo and Juliet. Crassly, I leveraged the misuse simply because I liked the way it sounded. Sorry.)

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