Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, Sweet DGP...

Once again, sorry to those of you who love the predictability of the routine grammar problem, but this grammar is really  the next step. As a quick reminder, at the end of each thematic chapter of our beloved TLC book is a grammar section.
The fun part of these sections is that they provide some instruction (Yipee!), they give some basic practice (yay.), and then they provide some practice examining how using these grammatical forms create effects in text (Whoo hoo!!)
Now that you have mastered the appositive, please begin the exercises for short simple sentences and fragments in the Grammar and Rhetorical Style section beginning on page 252. (See the topics for all the grammar sections in the table of contents if you so desire). This second set of grammar exercises are due Monday.
As before, so we can review them in class, it is fine to do them on paper.

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