Thursday, October 4, 2012

Superman and Me

"I am breaking down the door."
Today in class we read  Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie. Reread this short piece paying special attention to the syntax and the rhythm of the language. Also pay attention to his use of metaphor. These are related and work together to convey his overall meaning. Please blog your analysis of this little essay in the terms discussed above. 

Follow-up Note: Some of you neglected to do the above half of your homework at all. Most of you that did do it only talked about syntax or rhythm, but not metaphors. No one dealt with the central metaphor of the piece at all. I was surprised.

In addition, please blog your answers to questions 1-4;7-8 in the same blog post as your thoughts above. Hint: questions 5 and 6 will help you answer the slightly more vague directions above -- you may want to do the questions first.

This is a short piece. Read it again. Remember as you analyze to focus first on the details and use them to reveal the big picture, then when you write, start with the big picture and explain it using the small details.

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