Monday, December 3, 2007

AP Text Commenting, Take 2

All right, let's try this again. 

Under "AP" in the sidebar, there are a list of links.  One link says "Text Annotation Site."

Your assignment is to follow that link and make at least one (1) annotation on the Google article we just did some work with (see, I said no new reading!). I know we've already looked at this article a bit, but this is mainly about familiarizing ourselves with this tool.  Note that their are some basic instructions on what to do in the About box to the right of the Google article link.

You will need to input your name and email address in order to post.  It is important that you put in the same name and email address each time you post comments on the text annotation site so that you get credit for your posts.  (Yes, I changed the options on the blog to get around the problems some all of you were having .)

Try to make more detailed observations about the text and the argument-that is what this tool is for.

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