Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Orininal AP Class Synthesis Strategy Guides

Mary's Group: Strategy Guide To Better Writing

December 11, 2007

- Understand
- Read ALL sources
- Contextualize for the intro.
- Synthesize
- Multipule sources in the same paragraph
- Answer the “so what” of the issue to conclude

- Writing in 1st person
- Stretching connections between citing and thesis
- Summarizing
- Summarizing without CM
- Answering part of OR a less complex version of the question
- Answering a different ot wandering a way from the question
- If it says at least 3 sources, using less than 3

Aldrick's Group: Strategy Guide To Better Writing

Developing an Effective Essay

  • Good intro, conclusion, body paragraphs

  • Cite sources well

  • Makes sure you’re answering the right question!

  • Make lots of commentary throughout the essay

  • Fully develop your argument

  • Remember to use a clear control of language

  • Choose the examples you use to support your argument carefully

  • Clear transitions


  • Forget to use sources

  • Use knowledge from a source without citing it

  • Leans toward compare/contrast instead of a synthesis

  • Argument not well developed

  • Summarize the information

  • Answer the wrong question

  • Bad transitions

  • Poor handwriting


  • Read passages & sources carefully

  • Plan ahead

  • Pre-write

  • Write essay using skills discussed in this quide

  • Re-read

  • Breathe

Andrea's Group: How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Before you start writing…
1. Figure out what the question is asking you.
2. Determine if you are challenging, defending, or qualifying.
3. Figure out what sources you are going to use and make sure they support your argument.
4. Devolop your points before you start writing the actual essay (organize your argument).
5. Know the purpose of each paragraph.

Writing Process…
1. Don’t forget to cite the sources.
2. Don’t just list the sources, use them in order to support your argument.
3. Don’t leave a thought hanging; be sure to complete them.
4. Use smooth transitions, connecting each paragraph together with the next.
5. When you use a quote, explain it! Don’t expect the audience to know what’s going on in your head.
6. Don’t oversimplify.
7. Don’t be redundant.
8. Stay on topic.
9. Don’t use big words that you don’t know how to use. Write within yourself.

1. Refer to the essay prompt periodically throughout the essay.
2. Read everything thoroughly.
3. It helps if you prewrite or organize your thoughts before you write anything.
4. Read a lot of outside stuff, like articles, novels… Be aware of current events and catch up on your history because you might need them to write your essay.
5. DON’T - under any circumstances - FREAK OUT!!!

Alycia's Group: Synthesis Writing Suggestions

December 11, 2007


  • Be stupid (duh)

  • Be like Junho (kind of harsh, huh?)

  • Make comments about Pokemon (why would you do that?)

  • Use outside sources

  • Use fewer sources than the prompt asks

  • Repeat yourself

  • Make a conclusion like the introduction


  • Organize your thoughts clearly

  • Site at least 3 sources

  • Answer the prompt

  • Mall all three sources different

  • Use sources to support your claim

  • State your position clearly

  • (If possible) state a counterargument and your rebuttal


  • Stick with what you should do and stay away from what you shouldn’t do

  • (Just for you Nakayla) Be like a ninja; aka Nakayla

  • Think to yourself “What would Zach do?”