Thursday, December 13, 2007

To C or not to C? Depends on whether or not you know the answer...

hamlet2.jpgAh, multiple choice.  It seems like it should be so easy...

For this evening, work on the first ten questions in your packet.  They are the ones that go with the reading that begins "It is not easy to write a familiar style."

  • For all the questions, identify what type of question it is.  For instance, is it a diction question or does it deal with description, tropes, antecedents, etc.?

  • For the questions you missed, figure out why you missed it.  To do this, look at the line of thinking that led to your answer and then examine the line of thinking that leads to the correct answer.  Make sure you know why the correct answer is the correct answer.

Tomorrow we will take a look at one way gender is affecting the current election and you will have the opportunity to defend, challenge, or qualify the assertion: the angel in the house is dead and no longer lives in the imaginations of either women or men.

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