Friday, December 7, 2007

Who's afraid of the big bad Woolf?

V. WoolfFirst, we are going to read Professions for Women by Virginia Woolf.  Woolf was an influential author, feminist, and essayist among other things.  You'll find this essay on page 356 of your text.  Blog the answers to the following questions for Monday: Questions for Discussion 1 and 4; Questions on Rhetoric and Style 1-4, 7, 11, and 12.

Then on Tuesday, we're going to take an analytical look at the synthesis essay that we wrote last week.  You're already familiar with the question, but it might not hurt to take another look at it and read through the sample essays.

In small groups, we'll sift through the student responses and look at the commentaries. Take notes on your group discussion.  When you get home, go on your blog and reflect on what exactly the synthetic essay is asking you to do and what you need to remember to be successful.

Finally, for homework you’ll take the following Synthesis Question 2 prompt and blog it completely for Friday December 14th.

PS  Do the homework.  This snow likely isn't going to stick around long.

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