Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comparison Quandry

Since Ryann has been so actively comparing the two semesters and is constantly raising her blood pressure over it, I decided to take a look at the numbers.  So, I went back and compared the grade book from last semester to this semester.  Here are the numbers:

Semester 1
Papers - 7 (Did 3-4 page Synthesis paper)
Work - 41 w/50 pts possible EC
Timed Writes - 7 w/ 2 full credit and 3 ungraded
Classroom Contributions - 3
Total Graded Assignments: 58
21 students 2 A's and 5 A-'s

Semester 2
Papers - 7 + 1 for notecards (Did 3-4 page research paper)
Work - 38 w/80 pts possible EC
Timed Writes - 8 +1 as an empty AP score holder -- 2 full credit, 3 ungraded
Class Contributions - 3
Total Graded Assignments: 58
38 students; 4 A's and 8 A-'s

Reflections on the numbers:

1st semester did one more assertion journal; 2nd semester did one more timed write.  2nd semester did their assertion journals at home for homework; 1st semester did at least half of theirs in class in timed write style.  The top performing students have been about the same as far as their percentages go.  There is a higher percentage of A's 2nd semester, but also a higher percentage of D's and F's.  The level and amount of work assigned has been roughly the same, though 2nd semester read more narrative due to shifting the focus to American Literature after the test. 

Classess develop and change.  They exist in different circumstances and will be slightly different from year to year.  Fair does not equal the same, though as you can see, these two semesters have been balanced very similarly, in spite of their very different circumstances.


  1. hey there

    So I've been hearing somethings about how our timed write on the final is going to be about the bog incident rather than the short stories it was originally supposed to be. I wanted you to know that as someone who did not see all that was written there and dosen't understand the whole situation I feel very uprepared for this timed write. I think I just don't understand what we are going to gain from it. I feel like its going to cause more drama and anger than it is worth. Also, I want you to know how uncomfortable I feel that this has happened and I don't want any part in it.

    jessica baker

  2. Alright Giddings im totaly confused on the final schedule. Are we having class with you tomorrow? or is it only 3rd and 4th periods? what finals are tomorrow and which are thursday? Is our class party tomorrow?

  3. Tomorrow is a normal schedule, except that you will probably have a final in 3rd and 4th periods. We are having our party tomorrow. Thursday is a half day and you only have 1st and 2nd and we have our final that day. I know it's confusing. Ihad to ask about it myself as I thought we might only have 3rd and 4th tomorrow too.

  4. Jessica, the final still has questions about the short stories. The essay question isn't about the blog, it's about the larger issue of the effect of anonymous speakers on arguments. I'll talk more about it tomorrow, but it is an issue that will have more and more import rhetorically as we get increasing amounts of information from blogs and the like. Often those people are anonymous or known only via a user name. It's an interesting rhetorical issue that the "blog incident" got me thinking about, but isn't about that per se. You're right, that would be awkward. This is larger than that and, I imagine, will be an emerging issue for society.

  5. Hi mr. giddings.. I know you talked about that thing that would be on the final and we could find it on the blog..well I completely forgot what it was called...haha..can you help me?

  6. Oh Chrissy, that doesn't bode well...

    Click the class info and docs tab and it's called the "_____________ Model"