Sunday, June 1, 2008


ch080602I won’t be at school today (6/2).  I’m really sick with some sort of coughing marathon and conjunctivitis (pink eye).  I’m going to stay home and try to kick this (geez it’s been a fun weekend…).   Anyway, you’re watching the Great Gatsby today.  We can talk about the research paper tomorrow if you have any questions.  Don't forget about Proquest as a nifty source.  Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow.


  1. Hey mr. giddings, we are in the library working on our research paper. anyway..I was wondering if we are allowed to have someone else do the same topic, having two people for one topic.

  2. btw, I hope you get better! go to the doctors and get eye drops for that pink eyed. it should go away in a week.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I got drops Saturday night when my eyes went all wonky. That's awesome that you got time for the research paper. That was my first choice, but I didn't have anyone I could talk to about that at 6 o'clock this morning. All right. I'm going to go drink more water and take more medicine (time for those drops!). I was just on checking to see who took the classes so I didn't have to worry about you all. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.

  4. hey giddings...
    its jordan...
    so i have a question...
    ive been struggling with this research paper, because there are so many options....but i found one that could be way fun and i would learn a lot...only one problem....the only way i can source it is from the internet, because its a new rising trend, and old encyclopedias dont have the information on it...

    i want to write it on "blood doping."
    its what athletes are doing to raise their endurance, and conditioning. Its where you take a pint of your own blood out of your body, and freeze it. then let your body recover the missing red blood cells, then you inject the blood you took out back in....with it you have more red blood cells, and are able to get more oxegyn to your heart, giving the blood doping athlete the advantage.

    How cool would that be...
    "Blood doping; A new era of competition, or a deadly steroid with detrimental results"

    I personally think i could write a good argument with the proper research but i dont want to start unless you give the ok on only using internet sources....if you can get back to me tonight that would be AMAZING, because i am way swamped this week, so Im trying to get started. :) Thanks!

  5. Hi Giddings!
    I kinda have the same thing going on as Jordan. The topic I want to do, I can only research on the internet and stuff out of a newspaper and not on an encyclopedia, or a book...Its about taking the SAT's and colleges...Will this be ok? Let me know when you can..Thanks!!!
    I hope you feel better!

  6. I ran into a different problem. I found a book that would work for me but I looked on the library website and they don't have it. What should I do to get ahold of that book? Plus I don't know how to work Proquest. I went to and I couldn't figure it out. Help please.

  7. Adara,
    There are instructions for using proquest on the portal in shared documents. I don't put it on the blog as it is a subscription service and the instruction has our password included.

    I wrote back to Jordan and Jessica, but for those with similar questions, use Proquest to look for a scholarly journal article on your topic if a book is too difficult to find or unavailable (we do have a very small library and Milton's isn't much bigger). I do miss the days of having a major university library at my fingertips....

  8. Whoo Giddings look it let me sign in!!! ok sooo had a question about the research paper. i know its supposed to be about 3 to 4 pages but i have a feeling mine might be a bit longer so i wanted to check and see if that would be ok or taboo :)

  9. You technological diva you! :D

    On the length issue, the rule of thumb is plus or minus 10% so you could go almost 4.5 pages.

    Remember that we're in the study hall lab tomorrow and to bring your paper with you.

  10. If I use an article from a newspaper but it is online, how do I source it when it deals with the page number and stuff?

  11. Hey Giddings, I was just wondering how do you site a newspaper article in text (like when you are writing along and then you have to put in parantheses were you got that quote from and cite it to ur sources cited page)?

  12. Another question. Do our notecards have to be in pen or can they be in pencil or do you want them typed?

  13. For the citation issues, go to first here: and read their treatment of electronic sources and then go here:

    These sites and many more are available to you online. I found them by searching Google for "MLA in-text citation format". (Read "Don't rely on your teacher for these things; they are available to you as well. Just go get them.) If you need further instruction, you can look at the MLA style guide tomorrow.

    On the card issue, no need to type, but I'd prefer pen.