Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If I don't make it, tell Charlie to eat his veggies....

I've taken a turn for the worse today. This bites!

Anyway, 1st period if you're reading this, it means you're in the lab already. Good. Sorry I'm not there to field questions. Google is your friend for MLA questions.

2nd period, you’re reading Good Country People by Flannery O'Connor in the short story packet. Also read the intro on Flannery O'Connor and Southern Gothic lit that comes before the story as well as the piece on Good Country People that comes after it. Then answer the questions at the end of the story. You should do all the reading before answering the questions. Yes you can work in groups. Yes everyone must have their own set of answers. The questions are due tomorrow. ALL of that is fair game for the final.

You may not work on your research papers in the English lab until you finish this assignment.

Sorry to be gone again. Hopefully I’ll be there tomorrow.


  1. GIDDINGS!!!!!!!! AH I can't believe your not here I have my project for you AH! lol I saw a huge decrease in my grade and I was like I can put off my paper for one night to do my last journal for a newspaper and I finished it AH. So yea I have it for you when you get back so I can fully earn that A lol oh and I have a mirror magizine also! Last one I bought it!

  2. Sorry Sammy! I put missings back on all the Summer assignments so people could see what it would do to their grades and kind of light a fire ya know. I figured sports were over so no one was going to get benched. We'll get everything squared away so your grade soars back up, but it won't show on gradechecker until I can get into the school, see your stuff, and update from there (can't update from home, grr). Anyway, stay strong. You're going to make it.

  3. Sorry to hear your sick Giddings. Coming back tomorrow? I was wondering why first period and second are doing two different things. I see that the stories are gonna be on the final. But if first hasn't read them, how is that gonna work?

  4. Mr Giddings. I am reading over the packet you gave us for writing our paper, and I was wondering do we have to do all the statement of controlling purpose and filling out the outline page? Or do we just have to do the source cards and the essay? And on the essay it needs to include the title page and a bibliography right?

  5. Mr. Giddings,
    I hope you are feeling better, it seems like everyone is getting sick these days. Anyway...I remember you talking about the slight possibility of maybe pushing the paper due date to Monday. The school library had some books on my subject but they were all checked out, and if they were there I would not be able to check them out. I'm trying to come up with some book sources, but I haven't had the chance to go to a different library yet. Could the date be considered for change and if not, are there any online places I can look to for free book/encyclopedia sources?

  6. Okay, in order...

    Chandra, you are doing what 2nd period did today and vice versa. I couldn't get you library time on the same day. Bummer, but hey, we'll deal.

    No you don't have to do all the outline and controlling purpose stuff. That is there to help define the process. You've written a number of synthesis essays now, which this essentially is, so you should be fine. Those steps are things that help many people, but everyone writes a little differently. They aren't required--they're just there as aids.

    The possibility of moving the paper to Monday is less than slight. I need the weekend to grade them before the end of school. If you can't find a book, substitute a journal article off of Proquest for it. I'm sorry your books were checked out.

  7. ok thank you. And one more thing in this essay we should choose a side right? And support it. Right?

  8. A couple questions about the paper. First: if I am using an article that I found online from a newspaper, what do I do for a page number and stuff? Two: do you want the notecards in pen, pencil, or typed or do you care?

  9. I have another question, sorry so many. But what exactly is an indirect quote? I mean how do you put it in the paper? And then how do you want us to cite our information in the paper? I hope that makes sense. :)

  10. Hi Giddings
    I can't quite figure out how to use proquest...
    I have the username and password, I just don't know where to put it???
    I hope you feel better!

  11. Shelly 1,
    Yes choose a side and support it. This is just like a synthesis essay.

    Shelly 2,
    An indirect quote is a fact or summary of an idea or argument you take from someone else without using their exact words. Because it is their intellectual property, you cite it as an indirect quote. You do it exactly the same as a direct quote, except that you don't put quotation marks around it. there should be an example of this in the sample essay in the packet. Also there's copious amounts of information about how to cite different things on the internet.

    If you find it online and there are no page numbers, then don't give page numbers. You can't give something that doesn't exist. Easybib.com walks you through it. You just tell them it's a newspaper accessed online and they ask the appropriate questions.
    Didn't we already do the note card thing the other day on the blog, probably on the previous post? Don't type. Prefer pen. Pencil smudges. From here on out in your education, except for math, you can probably throw away pencils. I think I only used them for a few odd math classes and some lab work. Teachers and professors will almost always prefer pen for the readability factor.

    On the Proquest homepage, you have to click the blue button on partway down on the left that says "Connect to your Proquest database". It's a poorly designed interface as that is what people are there for and they bury it. Oh well. It will take you to the logon screen.

  12. Thank you Mr. Giddings. Hope you feel better.

  13. You're welcome. My cough is still pretty bad so I'm going to be gone tomorrow too, but Mr Kile will be with you (1st period) tomorrow. I'll check the blog tomorrow for last minute questions.

  14. This paper is due tommorow right?