Monday, June 16, 2008


So long, guys! The class pictures are finally up at the pictures have been taken down.  If you want them, email me.

Alas, 2nd period took longer on the final than 1st period and I forgot to take a picture until after they left.  I included a set of pictures we took earlier in the semester, though.  Have a great summer everyone.  Relax, read a good book, sleep in...


  1. HI!!!


    Yay for Charlie!

  2. GIDDINGS i got my score back from the AP test.
    i got a 2....i was just wondering if that would help
    towards any college classes i would or might be taking
    in the future. I didn't quite know how to go about
    figuring that out. Well i hope you are having a great summer!
    let me know if you have an answer to my question.
    btw i will prolly forget to check this so if you could send it to my
    e-mail that would be AMAZING!
    anyhoo i hope all is well and the summer is going great for ya
    see ya in the fall :)