Monday, February 4, 2008

And the next day

For all you FBLA kids, we are going to spend time tomorrow talking about classical arrangement and then the various other types of arrangement discussed in Monday night's reading.  Then, we're going to examine the section on when rhetoric misses the mark and watch the scene from Pride and Prejudice discussed in the book, discussing that interpretation against the original.  Lastly, we're going to do some group work to examine the Diana pieces at the end of the chapter, focusing on SOAPStone and how the audience and speaker affected the pieces. 

Homework for Tuesday night will be to read pages 35-48 in our text and to do the assignment on page 48 dealing with the Roger Ascham excerpt from Toxophilus.  Have a great time at the FBLA conference!



  1. Okay, so when it says, "explain how the technique you selected helped to make Ascham more accessible to the twenty-first-century reader," do we have to blog that or just bring it in tomorrow?

  2. where do i find the page that i can print off?

  3. It's the Toxophilus link at the bottom of the post.