Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Dumb Can We Get?

Dunce capRead Susan Jacoby's article on anti-intellectualism in America either in your packets or on the Washington Post. Then, I'd like you to read the transcript of Jacoby's online discussion with readers on this issue.

If you would like to read further, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, writes a response here and a Forum blogger writes a response here.

Your task, having read at least Jacoby's article and the transcript, is to enter the conversation on your own blog (or on paper if you can't get in). Yours should be a thoughtful response that presents your own argument and engages with the thoughts of Jacoby and those that have already responded to her.


  1. my blog is bust! please help!

  2. I found that article very interesting along with the chat. I didn't understand some of it but overall it was good.

  3. i was late today and forgot to turned in my printed out copy of my response so i ust posted it because i was able to log on today and not yesterday... yay its kinda length was i got started the key board caught on fire i couldnt stop typing.... sorry for the Harry Potter refrence lol :)