Friday, February 15, 2008

A note about introductions

As promised in class, here is a resource from the University of North Carolina on writing introductions.  There are many theories about writing introductions, but some basic principles generally apply.  I hope you find this document helpful.

Choose this link for the pdf: writing introductions

or choose this link for the website


  1. So i can't get on the portal. What do i need to tye in?

  2. So i can't get on the portal. What do i need to tpye in?

  3. There are instructions to get into the portal here:
    Make sure you use the correct domain and slash mark as in the example. Hopefully that will work for you.

  4. yeah so it says the file is corrupted or something so i won't let me open it. i edon't think my computer has microsoft word installed in it. what should i do?

  5. Arial,
    Your file wasn't corrupted, it was just saved in the new Word docx format, which only the new word can read, though you can download a converter for older versions of Word. Anyway, I converted it into an rtf file and uploaded it to your portal folder. That should allow you to open it with whatever word processor you happen to have at home. You weren't missing much though--all you had was the thesis from the book and part of another sentence.

  6. i cant get 900 words i have tried im almost at 600 so i was wondering if tomorrow you will help me find ideas about what else to write.