Friday, February 22, 2008

Rock PAPER Scissors

Hey intrepid analyzers of text,

Remember that your essays are due on Monday. If, as you read over your paper, you notice mostly summary, abort and revise, abort and revise! Do not proceed on the summary course lest your grade be dashed to pieces upon the rocks as the siren song of the easy way out rings in its ears.

If you have trouble with conclusions, peruse this link (a sister page to the introduction page in the previous post).

If you're having trouble conceptualizing what your paper should be like, read the student essay on page 46 of your textbook. That essay does for the Santa Anna wind essay what you are being called upon to do for JFK's inaugural address. If you haven't looked at it, please do.

Happy writing!


  1. What all do you want for a title?

  2. Whatever works for you. The best ones are creative and descriptive; the worst are boring like "JFK Paper".

  3. um.. somone corrected mine by leaving the comments on friday and they saved it to the portal...and i dont know how to see those corrections...cuz they arent showing up on my word document so i'm not sure how to correct it. let me know. Thanks

  4. My God, Mr. Giddings. The entire inaugural address isn't even 800 words. How an I supposed to make this concise and to-the-point with so much space to fill?

    *yawns* I don't think I've written an essay since first semester last year. o.o" Good thing I didn't procrastinate and started at 4:00 today.

  5. Cassi,
    It looks like whoever looked yours over didn't save it to the portal. There are no comments there.

  6. Jocelyn, Sorry you're out of practice. It is a good thing you didn't procrastinate--that would make writing this difficult and would likely produce less than happy results.

    As a side note to everyone, verify that something is saved and is saved in the right place or that a blog post in fact posted correctly. Don't just hit save and walk away; think of it as verifying that your paper indeed printed.

  7. Well this morning I had a little dilema. You see, I had my paper written, and I uploaded it to the portal. It asked me if I wanted to overide the existing file, which I've done before, and it usually worked. Except this morning; it didn't work. It erased it off the portal AND my computer, so I have the original that I started last week....=/