Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ask not when this is due...

jfk_anniversary_300.jpgAll right, here's the plan. (2nd period, disregard the first bit.)

  • Listen to JFK's inaugural address

  • First impressions

  • Annotate the speech

  • Discuss findings

  • Diction questions 1-4 on p 55 (what we don't finish will be homework--yes we will do the syntax questions--yes we will do all of them--no we won't do them until Monday--yes we will start working on them in class--yes it will help you to work together on these--no you don't need to start them early)

If you're still asking when it's due, the diction questions will be due Monday.


  1. Since I will be gone tomorrow, do I need to do everything on the list by Monday? Also how do you want the first impressions?

  2. If you don't wish to fall behind, then yes, do everything on the list by Monday, excluding the syntax questions. Go ahead and jot down your first impressions (blog or paper--your preference). That's what 2nd period is doing tonight as they are a little bit ahead of 1st period.

  3. How would you like the questions? Paper or blog?

  4. Well, since much of the initial work will be done in class and since you'll need the results to work on your paper, on paper makes sense.

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