Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everyone gets a horse in Camelot...

They ride horses in CamelotWork on your JFK papers tonight.  We will meet in the Study Hall Computer Lab both periods to maximize your writing time.  Oddly, we didn't talk about this in 2nd period, but 3rd period, as promised, here is the length requirements:  900-1200 words.

As I said in class, that is what we had last year and it seemed to work pretty well for students.  Use the notes we've been compiling all week to their best advantage to help you garner the evidence for this paper.

This paper is due on Wednesday, October 1

When you're stuck and wondering what to do, the paragraphs right after the sample thesis on page 57 of your text are very good.  They explain exactly what I'm looking for in your papers.

Here's to productive writing this weekend. May your whiny inner editor leave you alone and let you get your ideas on paper for he/she to look over later.  See you tomorrow!

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