Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Papers and Einstein

First, finish your paper.  That's important.  It will be your biggest grade other than the summer assignment thus far.  I will grade it holistically, much like the AP essays.  My primary focus will be on your content and structure, though voice and conventions count for something.  As for format, follow these guidelinesYou won't be turning in formal papers on the blog.  Formal papers are turned in on paper.  This is your first formal paper.


In other news, read papges 3-10 in your text book and blog your response to the Einstein assignment on page 9-10.  Please don't forget to double check the link to your site on my page.  Make sure it works, otherwise I will not see your assignment.


  1. Heyy Mr. Giddings...
    I was wondering if we had to print out our essays or if we could just leave them on our blogs?

  2. Print them out, please. Note the format requirements...it would be kind of hard to accomplish 1 inch margins and page numbers on the blog. ;)

    We'll turn in all of our formal papers on paper.