Friday, September 12, 2008


Everyone: We will be in the computer lab again on Monday.  You need to bring an electronic copy of your rough draft to class.  Best methods of doing so are a flash drive, the blog, or a CD.  2nd period will be in the study hall computer lab, while 3rd period will start out in the study hall and move to the library (sorry, we do what we can).

Blog Lollygaggers: I do not have blog information for the following students:  In second period we have Katherine and Nate (Katherine, I remember--just try to do it this weekend) and in 3rd period we have Chelsia and Mckenzie.  Let's get this done, guys.  We'll start using them to turn work in next week.

Everyone again:  Good luck on your papers this weekend and I hope you got enough done on Friday to go to the fair or something this weekend.  

Grades: There are about 24 F's right now, which is an unhappy thing.  Those are all a result of missing summer assignments.  Homework will get more regular in this class and others.  Don't put it off.  October 1st is a very firm deadline.

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