Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Journaling on JFK

Create a dialectical journal on JFK's inaugural address in which you analyze at least 5 passages that you find to be important in some way.  If you forget how to do a dialectical journal, refer to pages 42-3 of Langauge of Composition.

There are many copies of this speech on the internet.  Google "JFK inaugural address" and you'll have many copies to choose from.  I recommend cutting and pasting your selections into a table.  Don't forget to indicate the paragraph number of your selections.  If you blog it, use the paste from Word button and it will work like a charm.  If you forgot how to do that, ask Brett Howell; he's got it down.


  1. Hi Mr. Giddings!

    Looks like I'll never step foot into Fife High School ever again...my last day is this Friday. I am moving to Anchorage, Alaska with my family this week. This is so short on notice but I also found out last Friday. And my parents kept changing their mind which made me unsure of telling anyone yet. So please excuse me from all work at school. I will bring in a signed note from my parents. Goodbye! I will miss you!

    Jinah Kang

  2. I'm really sorry to see you go Jinah. We'll miss you!!!!

    Good luck in Alaska!