Friday, February 27, 2009

AP Squaring JFK

AP2 JFK’s speech this weekend.  Remember that you’re looking for Persona, Audience, Argument, and Purpose.  As we said in class, he may have one overarching argument or purpose, but he likely has sub-arguments and purposes as well.  The same goes for audience.  Think about this one – don’t just gloss over the assignment with surface analysis.

We will be doing an activity on Monday where everyone will end up with a working thesis and at least two topic sentences that contain claims.  After looking at some example theses, we will start writing.  To help us get started, we have some computer lab time next week (2nd half of Tuesday and all of Wednesday).  We’ll talk more specifically about the essay requirements and question on Monday.

Remember that if you are taking the opportunity to rewrite your Lord Chesterfield paper, that is due Monday as well.

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