Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Political Cartoons

downloadFor Tomorrow

Read pages 10-11 in our textbook and do the assignment on page 12 tonight.  Read the assignment carefully so that you are sure to do all that you need to—it’s a short text, but it is pretty packed. 

One great place to find many, many political cartoons for this assignment is  There is a menu on the left that allows you to search cartoons by topic.  Remember to pick a cartoon that deals with an issue that you know something about.  That will help a great deal.  ;)  

Insert your cartoon into a blog post (unless you cut it out of the newspaper, though it would likely be online as well) and blog your analysis in response to the criteria in the book.  We’ll pull them up on the projector tomorrow to talk about them.  Be prepared to present your cartoon to the class. 


  • As mentioned in class today, we are also taking our second timed write tomorrow.
  • Vocab 1 quiz on Friday.

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