Friday, February 20, 2009

Class Notes

For those of you who were gone for FBLA, Junior Conferences, or other sundry reasons today, this post is for you!

With so many missing, we postponed the vocabulary test to Monday (to Caleb's delight and Hayley's consternation).  Remember you are responsible for the Monday work on DGP sentence #2 as well.

Otherwise this is a nice, unencumbered weekend before we begin the JFK paper (whoo hoo!!).  Enjoy.  :)


  1. Mr. Giddings i cant find the vocab words on your blog. A little help please?

    Kyle (tall)

  2. Sure, Kyle.
    Click the link to the Class Info & Docs page on the blog title bar at the top of any page on my blog, then click the link on that page for "SAT Vocabulary", then click the link on that page for "Vocab 2". That should get you there and you'll find all the Vocab weeks there as well as other potentially helpful resources on the Class Info & Docs page.