Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paper Due Tomorrow!

Paper top Remember that your papers are due tomorrow (2/4/09).  As I said in class, you can get the MLA formatting instructions from the MLA at OWL link on the AP menu to the left.  I (and Ms. Robison who you’ll likely have for AP or College English next year) prefer that you NOT double-space your heading or include your name/page number in the heading.  Here are a couple of examples of what that would look like. 

Paper top 2

To do page numbers, use the insert page number function in your word processor to put a page number in the upper right hand corner.  Then edit the header and type your last name followed by a space in front of the page number. 

If you are technically challenged and this poses a major cognitive meltdown, breathe.  The technical difficulties with the Activeboard in the lab today prevented me from demonstrating how to do this, so this format will not be required until the next paper.  Just try to get it as close as you can.

Also, please remember to bring your books tomorrow.  As noted in class on Monday, you should read pages 4-9 in your book by class tomorrow.

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