Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everybody Loves Super Bowl Commercials!

image6177962While you are hanging around, surfing the internet with nothing to do over mid-winter break, you'll no doubt end up on some site watching Betty White play football or the Doritos dog shocking the guy on the park bench (message -- the importance of sharing?). No doubt as you watch these commercials, chuckling to yourself or perhaps occasionally ROTFLing, you won't be able to help yourself from thinking things like,

"The audience of that commercial is obviously middle-aged men who wish they still played football the morning before the Super Bowl because...." and "the humorous juxtaposition of the guys playing football with their elderly stand-ins in the football game dramatizes the lack of energy experienced during sports when you're hungry...." and "this commercial is/is not effective with its target audience because...." etc.

Well, since you'll likely be doing that already, blog your rhetorical analysis of one of the Super Bowl commercials. Please provide the link in your blog post to the commercial you choose to analyze. You'll find them arranged by quarter on this site.

After the final draft of our paper is due, we'll take a look at these in class.

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