Sunday, February 28, 2010

Denby on High School Confidential

highschoolconfidential195811345-f.jpgFinish reading the David Denby article High School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies and blog your answers to the Questions on Rhetoric and Style 2-7, 9-12 on page 715 of the TLC book by Wednesday.

Tomorrow we have a wonderful opportunity to further hone our synthesis skills on Timed Write Tuesday. Whoo hoo!

Hey, while we're at it, let's lay out the rest of the week's schedule for the organized and the curious.

Wednesday: review the released material for the timed write and discuss the Denby questions.

Thursday: Dive head first into primary text analysis of pop culture by viewing Mean Girls.

Friday: Finish viewing Mean Girls and, if there is time, hold a short discussion on the film's relationship to the teen movie observations made in Denby's article. There will be an analytical blog post due over the weekend.

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