Friday, February 19, 2010

Quoting, formatting, and requirements -- oh my!

When you reference our text, use the essay option from the chapter /  anthology category at (located in the choose a source menu). It will create a citation like this:

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. "The Future of Happiness." The Language of Composition : Reading, Writing, Rhetoric. By Renee H. Shea, Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin D. Aufses. Boston: Bedford/Saint Martin's, 2007. 623-29. Print.

As far as quoting from a discussion, there isn't a super clean way to do that. Use the Lecture / Speech option and choose speech. Just fill in the information. Then for the in-text citation, use the first word of the works cited citation.

For everything else, use the MLA Toolkit you got earlier int eh year. If you lost yours, there is a pdf version linked in Class Info & Docs.

Happy writing and remember, you need to turn in all your rough drafts with your final paper this time. Please attach the rubric as well.

In other news, we will begin our run of timed writes up to the test in May next week. Whoo hoo!

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