Friday, February 26, 2010

Revise Your Synthesis Timed Write

What you need to turn in on Monday:

  1. New & Improved Timed Write (this one is graded using the released rubric for this prompt)

  2. Old & Shabby Timed Write (maybe not so shabby, but you get the idea)

  3. Reviewer Feedback Sheet with Three (3!) reviews

  4. The prompt with the sources you used to write

Submit these all in one big bundle. :)

As I wrote on the board, items 2-4 allow me to see your process, evaluate where you are in the process of mastering this type of writing, and evaluate the effectiveness of the activity.  The assignment will not be considered complete if it is missing anything.

If you cannot find the question with the sources, here it is.


  1. Can you put up the prompt and sources? I can't find my packet so I am unable to add sources if I don't know exactly what they are.