Friday, March 5, 2010

Extra Credit and the AP Exam

Don't forget to see the post below for your actual homework if Mr. Reiser didn't show it to you this morning.

For extra credit, analyze this advertisement and consider why it is effective. When my wife saw this the other night, she totally cracked up and said it was the best commercial she has ever seen. Why? Think about audience, cultural context, and all of the rhetorical strategies you can muster on this one. It is brilliant.

In other news, it's time to decide if you're really taking the AP test and step up to the plate. The test is $86 this year and a deposit of $15 is due to the bookkeeper by March 22. The remainder is due before you take the test May 12th, or you can pay the whole thing now.

I know $86 is a chunk of change, but if you pass and get credit for a class in college it can save you a lot of money. At a community college, it will save you about $115 and at a private school like UPS or PLU it will save you about $4000. Also see the colored flyer on the yellow cabinet in the class for another perspective, keeping in mind of course that it was put out by the College Board and data can be made to say a lot of things -- perhaps we'll analyze that flyer in class sometime. It could prove interesting.

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