Thursday, March 4, 2010

Watching Mean Girls in AP? That is so fetch!

Mean Girls

Now that you have watched these cutouts of high school royalty crash through their school creating angst-filled drama wherever they go, it’s time to analyze what’s going on.

Remember the rhetorical triangle, context, and purpose. Though several Saturday Night Live alums have roles in the movie, Tina Fey[1. she wrote the screenplay] takes the film far beyond the typical SNL star vehicle[2. way deeper, but not nearly so funny as Tommy Boy]. What is she doing in relation to the Denby article? How does this movie fit in with what we’ve read? Go beyond matching up characteristics of the movie to the article to real rhetorical analysis.

If you have time after the film in class today, you might find it useful to have a little discussion about this (if Mr. Reiser reads his email and shows this to you). Your homework this weekend is to write a blog post analyzing this film in the terms discussed above. Have fun!

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