Monday, March 22, 2010

TV is making you smarter...No it's not!

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="alignright" width="142" caption="I'm going to read a fun book over Spring Break...I can hardly wait! Oh yeah, and I will likely watch a fair bit of TV...shhhh."]no-tv[/caption]

Blog the answers to questions 1-5 on page 776 about Steven Johnson's essay Watching TV Makes You Smarter.

Then read The Argument Against TV by Corbett Trubey on page 777 for Wednesday. Meaning that Tuesday will be devoted to a timed write or some multiple choice practice.  Hmmm, which should it be...?

Ah, I know.


  1. I'm confused about question 1; what are the two forms of pop culture that Johnson uses in his essay? Are they the essay and then the TV shows?

  2. I think it was TV and video games, but I'd need to look at the essay again to be sure. I left my book at school...

  3. Ok, so the question asks "How does using one form of popular culture to examine another affect Johnson's argument?"

    So could I say that people use cognitive skills to watch movies and Johnson connects the video game to the movie and how we need those same skills?

    And I'm also lost on the final question. It asks "What economic explanation does Johnson offer for why television has become more intellectually demanding?"

    Is that the whole part about stations making puzzles and games online to test your skills and knowledge from the TV shows?

  4. Think about it some. Who is the audience? Is he trying to convince people who already like TV and video games? In the last couple paragraphs, it becomes clear that he considers part of his audience to be parents. How do many parents feel about TV and video games? Use your powers of inference and the rhetorical triangle. Remember he's making an argument and an argument requires appealing to an audience with credible evidence.

    The economic question is much easier. He says it outright in the essay in terms of an economic motive for the studios.

  5. Ok that helps a TON. Thank you Mr. Giddings!

  6. You're welcome. Glad that helped.