Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pop Culture: Crazy Mess or Amazing Restorative

Your task is this: defend, challenge, or qualify the following assertion in 300-400 words. Feel free to use any of the pop culture essays or videos that we have read thus far to help inform your argument.
Robert Thompson, professor of media and culture at Syracuse University, said, "We may be surprised how capable American popular culture is of dissolving even the most horrible of historical events."

In doing so, American popular culture does not necessarily distort history as some would contend, but helps Americans overcome psychic and moral trauma, restoring America's optimism and futurist[1. Look up this word.] outlook.

Due Monday, March 22nd. Please blog this. :)

televisionYour $15 deposit for the AP test is due Tuesday March 23rd! If you have an issue with making that deadline, please talk to me.

Speaking of crazy messes, also read Watching TV Makes You Smarter by Steven Johnson on page 766 of our textbooks for Monday.


  1. do you want this typed, hand written, or on the blog?

  2. Please blog. Sorry I forgot to specify.