Monday, September 17, 2012

ASB/Cabbage Patch Week

Wheeling in the crazy!
Welcome to one of the craziest weeks at Fife High School, and perhaps anywhere else as well. You might ask if this is a good week to start your first major essay. The answer to that question of course is that there is no time like the present! So here is the rough schedule for the week:

Monday: Read Thinking as a Hobby and annotate in groups. Start looking at SAT Vocab Week 2 and get going on the grammar from Chapter 4 in the TLC if you haven't started it already. It takes a while (early reports are about 3 hours if you try and do it all at once). Buy your ASB card.

Tuesday: Go over Thinking as a Hobby together as a class and then introduce and explain the first paper. If you haven't already, Buy your ASB card.

Wednesday: Go over the grammar. Deal with any ongoing confusions about the essay and maybe look at an example from a previous year. Haven't you bought your ASB card yet? Do you want to lose Cabbage Patch/ASB Week?

Thursday: Writing Day in the Study Hall Lab! Focus! Focus! Focus!

Friday: SAT Vocab Quiz Week 2 and take the first step toward being the 2nd class in a row to win as juniors and then again as seniors!

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