Thursday, September 13, 2012

DGP is dead! Long live Grammar!

This year, we will not be doing DGP in AP. Instead, we will be working through the Grammar as Rhetoric and Style activities in our TLC book. If you browse through the table of contents, you'll notice that each thematic chapter contains a grammar section that focuses on a particular grammatical element. The first one appears at the end of Chapter 4 and explores the appositive.  For Wednesday of the coming week, please complete all of the exercises in the Chapter 4 grammar section beginning on page 167 (there are 5 exercises with 5-10 questions a piece).

As I told 6th period when they asked, this may be done on paper or the blog. Since we'll be going over it in class, it may be better to have it on paper. Students last year preferred paper for the grammar assignments.

If you want one of those grammar shirts, you can get one here. WARNING: they are overpriced. Really? $25 for a grey t-shirt?

FYI: Word has just come out that the parent/student online access to grades will go live on Monday.


  1. These are due on Wednesday? And are we doing them on the blog?

    1. The t-shirts are grey? And they're over prices? And we aren't doing dgp this year? And it's in chapter 4? And it's 5 excersises with 5-10 questions a piece? And it's focused on one particular grammatical element? And good grammar is sexy?