Monday, March 31, 2008

Assertions on the Omnipresent Box

Carefully read the short passage below:

“The omnipresent box sitting somewhere in our homes, workplaces, and just about everywhere else has a much greater hold on our lives than we think.”   – Corbett Trubey from The Argument Against TV

For the quote above, you must provide a clear explanation of the writer's assertion, then defend, challenge, or qualify it, noting the complexity of the issue and acknowledging any possible objections to your point of view.

Limit: 300-400 words
Due: Blog for Tuesday April 1st (this is NOT an April Fool's joke)

As we begin our papers this week, I recommend that you also read pages 129-173 in the Everything's an Argument packets I gave you a couple of weeks ago.  It will help you think more clearly about how you craft and structure your argument.  This does not need to be completed tonight, but it might help you to do it before the weekend.


  1. 300-400 words, so what like a single paragraph short answer?

  2. 300 words is approximately the equivalent of 1 typed page, double-spaced in Times New Roman. It's not quite a short answer, but a restricted environment in which to say quite a lot.

  3. so this is due tomorrow when we walk in to class? Or is it homework tonight and tomorrow night?

  4. It's due tomorrow. You don't have any homework tomorrow night save for the paper.