Friday, March 28, 2008

Ode to the Television -- 2nd Period, don't forget your permission slips!

Oh sweet box of tubes
Oh dulcet LCDs
Bring to me entertainment smooth
and lots and lots of essays to read!

television2.jpgYour lovely homework for this weekend is to read articles 2-5 in the Popular Culture Conversation section beginning on page 777 and running until 787. A mere ten pages. But wait, there's more! Do the questions that go with the essays. It's kind of a lot.  You can do them on paper so you have them for our discussion.  DO NOT do the Entering the Conversation questions on page 787, but do the questions that pertain directly to each essay. We'll discuss as much of those questions as we can on Monday.

Second period, thank you so much for helping Carrie with her project.  She really appreciated it and Charlie had fun flirting with all the ladies (we're going to have to keep an eye on him!).  Also, I totally forgot to give you back your timed writes.  There was definitely improvement!  There were mostly 4's and 5's with a couple of 6's and a couple that fell below this range.  Check the email to see what you got: 65=4; 75=5; and 82=6.  I'll return them on Monday and we'll talk about them a bit then.

Also, don't forget to put the synthesis reminders up on your blog if you volunteered to do that.  Oh, and 2nd period please bring  your picture permission slips on Monday! Here's the file if you lost yours: Picture Permission Slip
Have a great weekend!!!!

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