Friday, March 21, 2008


Your homework is the following:elephant.jpg

  • Go over your timed write and annotate it, showing how you would make it better. You will get the opportunity to make it better on Monday.

  • Read Sanctuary: For Harry Potter the Movie in your textbook and blog your interpretation of the essay.  Last semester, people had a bit of difficulty with this one for some reason, so I'd like you to take a stab at interpreting it before class.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!

Emma and Mackenzie, I know you don't have your essays (because I have them).  Look over the prompt and make some notes on how you might create a thoughtful, supported argument.  Turn that in for your annotated essay and we will do the retake of the timed write for a grade on Monday.  If it will help, your classmates scored both of your essays in the III-IV range.


  1. ok, Mr. Giddings i have been sick! :( no fun. So i got on here today and read over the home work that i missed. i know that i have some things missing. that i posted on my blog but when i go to look at them they are not coming up... would you like me to bring them in tomorrow? Or get your help on posting them, tomorrow during school and just post them tomorrow night? I just wasn't sure which you would like me to do. Also because i just want to make sure on what i need to put up there would it be possible if i could get a missing list of what all i need to get up on my blog? because i have all of the questions we have done in class done it's just no coming up on my blog!!! ok i hope you get this! if not i will have to talk to you tomorrow about it. Thanks a ton!

  2. I'm sorry you've been sick, Emma. We can talk tomorrow about any posting problems you may be having. So don't worry too much. Just make sure you've thought through that Phillips prompt a bit more and so you're ready to write it for a grade tomorrow. Also, you'll need to read the essay mentioned int he homework, which I assume you already have by now. See you tomorrow and I'm glad you're feeling better.