Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Homework and the AP Test

AP Test

The AP Program Director needs to know how many people will be taking the test this on May 14th (that's your only option).  As there are multiple classes and to count the people from last semester, I set up an online poll.  Go here to let me know if you're taking the test or not.

If you are taking the test, you need to put in a deposit of $15 by March 20th.  Don't give me the money; it goes to the bookkeeper.


Based on the Talbot essay, other readings, and your own experience, blog a thoughtful response to the following assertion:
"There is little to no value in recognizing students for academic achievements. Education isn't about competition; the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." (the final clause was written by Sydney J. Harris)

As I said in class, we will finish our group proposal arguments tomorrow.  We will present them, possibly arguing vehemently about the relative merits of various proposals depending on how varied your thinking is.


  1. mirrors into windows????? What does this mean??

  2. Well, it's a metaphor. Think about it like this. What do you see when you look in a mirror versus through a window? Think about that in terms of how education can change your perspective. This one will take some thought.

    I need to run. I have Charlie duty and I've got a sub while I write back. This is likely the last time I'll be on tonight. See you all tomorrow.

  3. Hey guys, how long are you all making yours? I don't want to look like the under achiever here...

    I've only made a few paragraphs so far.

  4. A few paragraphs should be sufficient, assuming they are not "dialogue-length" paragraphs (unless they are more like the "Dialogues of Plato").

    Hmm, I wonder if anyone is going to get that joke? Anyone read Plato? Maybe we should do that...

  5. Jocelyn an under achiever ??? Come on now. Mines five.

  6. sorry gidding, I don't get your joke.

  7. That's okay, Anna. ;) I didn't think anyone would and it wasn't terribly funny anyway.

  8. I thought it was funny. I even laughed. :D But no, I don't get it either.